Capacity Building


A number of NGOs committed to social changes are working among the most vulnerable communities like dalits, adivasis, women, children, unorganised labourers, minorities and other marginalised communities. They are mainly engaged in different types of capacity building programme, campaigns, community development activities, strengthening of panchayat and gram sabha, promoting accountability and demanding transparent governance. These organisations are in need of various trainings related to organisational development and management, finance management and policies, ToT training etc. This project is visualized to reach out to the key stakeholders of the organisations and envisions strengthening them by promoting organisational, managerial and institutional development. This would also include planning process, strategic intervention processes, monitoring and evaluation techniques. The purpose is to set professional standards among selective small NGOs.


The overall goal of this project is Projects concerned with poverty eradication and social change in India have more impact through professionalization/capacity building of their project managers regarding planning, support and evaluation of projects as well as in the field of Organisation Development. 

Specific Object

NGOs and Church-based partner organizations in India receive capacity building which enables them to independently make such changes in their Organisational Structure (including in financial management) in the policies, planning, implementation, monitoring & local evaluation of their projects, as well result in the projects’ increased effectiveness.

Project Objectives

  • To organise various specialised capacity building programmes
  • To provide on-going consultancy services
  • To raise the standard of these organisation by promoting managerial, organisational, financial and project development support


  • Training
  • Consultancy
  • Material support


  • Participatory approach in developing key staff skills
  • Consultancy services

During the funding period, at least 25 organisations have received capacity building individually or during workshops for several organisations and developed improvements to their organisational structures in cooperation with their resource persons and implemented them. This project will end on 31st October, 2020.