Lok Manch


Lok Manch (People’s Forum), a Jesuit initiative, was constituted in 2014 as a means of giving improved access to entitlements by capacitating community leaders and grass-root organisations with a focus on marginalised communities. By encouraging participation and solidarity from individuals, governments, corporations, civil society and grassroots communities, Lok Manch is an inclusive and secular platform which draws attention to the plight of the poor and neglected, especially Dalits, tribals, minority groups, urban and rural poor, women and farmers across the country. Special focus is given to Particularly Vulnerable Tribal Groups (PVTGs) such as Katkari Tribes, Kutia Kondho Tribes, Pahadia Tribes, Paniya Tribes and most vulnerable Dalit groups such as the Musahars, etc. This initiative also falls in line with the mandate of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of zero hunger (SDG 2) and good health and well-being (SDG 3).

Our Vision

 “Building an egalitarian, just, inclusive, democratic and secular society in India”

Our Mission

“To engage in social transformation through training, socially relevant research and policy engagement works aimed at integral development of the marginalised communities, particularly the Dalits, adivasis/tribals, OBCs, women, minorities, unorganised and landless labourers in partnership with like-minded groups, CSOs, CBOs, peoples’ movements, Human Rights organisations and ecological movements, nationally and internationally”

Our Goal

Marginalised groups receive the full state social benefits to which they are entitled and local, state and national level government institutions become more inclusive and democratic

Our Objective

  1. Vibrant national platform built linking 16 states (12+4) / 18 (13+5) Jesuit provinces with 100 organisations (50 Jesuits and 50 lay/religious/diocesans), along with like-minded academic, activist and advocacy partners.


  1. Gaps identified in policies and implementation by the Community leaders/ monitoring persons/ organisations and lobbied with decision makers at the state and national level to further improve the law.


  1. The access to social security benefits has improved significantly for the marginalised groups in the targeted communities and human rights, as they are enshrined as fundamental rights in the Constitution of India, are more respected.


  1. Improved access to National Food Security Act (NFSA) and Scheduled Caste Sub Plan (SCSP)/ Scheduled Tribe Sub Plan (STSP)/ Water Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) and related government schemes monitored by the local community leaders in select areas.


  1. The Lok Manch network is strengthened and Lok Manch Facilitating Partner (LMFC) organisations have successfully promoted collaboration among civil society organisations at national level for policy dialogue and campaigning.


  1. At least 90 local society organisations in 12 states, together with communities and community leaders, are successfully advocating on district and state level for better access to social security benefits and the protection and promotion of people’s rights over land and food.

Our Values

  • Liberty 
  • Justice
  • Equality
  • Fraternity 
  • Love 
  • Reconciliation and Justice 
  • Gender Justice 
  • Secularism
  • Rule of Law 
  • Truth and Non-Violence  

A Few Notable Accomplishments

At present, with 90 plus partners spread over 13 states in India, Lok Manch continues to do credible work. Nearly completing a decade-long engagement with communities and like – minded organisations, the programme has been able to:

  1. Connect nearly 22,000 individuals with livelihood related schemes
  2. Provide water and sanitation services to more than 13,000 households
  3. Provide educational scholarships and support to over 11,000 students
  4. Link nearly 8700 households to appropriate health services with an additional 779 women with Maternity benefits
  5. Provide adequate drainage facilities to nearly 65,000 households
  6. Enhance connectivity and access to nearly 2,00,000 households with well-connected roads
  7. Initiate pension services for more than 15,000 eligible individuals
  8. Provide electricity connections to more than 17,000 households with more than 10,000 street light installed in various areas
  9. Support access to housing scheme for over 3,500 individuals and potable water for nearly 30,000 households
  10. Install over 10,000 toilets across areas
  11. Provide irrigation facilities to more than 4000 households


Sl.No.Community EntitlementsSum of No. HH benefitted,
(Community Rights)
1Anganwadi (New) school524
2Ambulance Services590
3Bore well (New/Repair)4204
5Canal construction35
6Cleaning of streets and drains  in urban slums2400
7Cleaning of park/garden in urban slum2400
8Check Dam465
9Closed Circuit Television (CCTV installed)5402
10Community hall/ Marriage hall (new construction/ Renovation)1344
11Community toilet5250
12Complain against drug business200
13Construction of Concrete Road18863
14Construction of mud road5842
15Construction of Machine House for Irrigation83
16Cremation ground5300
17Drainage System/Cleaning2500
18Drinking water Facility2522
19Drinking water well 1055
20Drinking water supply3000
21Electricity transformer/pole290
23Exemption from house tax196
24Farm house1000
25Flood Relief1000
26Gatar (sewage)90
27Hand pump362
28Health Centre138
29Memorandum submitted against the illegal sale of alcohol  1500
30Pitch road1200
31Play ground1560
32Petition made against illegal occupation of cremation ground95
33Petition made for the Grant in 3 villages under SCSP/TSP2687
34Petition made for safe environment and cleanliness500
36Ration shop /construction (building)517
37Solar pump60
38Repairing Road2520
39Right to Education3000
40Sea Wall300
41Solar light500
42Soak Pit250
43Street Road340
44Street Light2782
45Stop displacement for dam construction570
46Swajal Yojana/ Nal Jal Yojana (drinking water pipeline)5570
47Swasthya Kendra2500
48Trenches for water harvesting1050
49Tube Well150
50Well for Irrigation155
51Water pipeline1072
52Water tank2065
53Water pool for animals20
54Water pump1050
55Waste removal and construction of sewer canal160
56Grand total105394