About Us

The Jesuit Research and Development Society “is a social initiative that has been active in India since 2006 to help the most marginalized, needy and poor people live with dignity through quality education and skills-based training. JRDS stands for Justice, Respect, Development and Service for the people who lack access to the basics of life.” 


We work in two segments under the JRDS umbrella: one area focuses on human rights and law, capacity building, and research-related activity, while the other section focuses on social development activities. This Unit is known as CSDN (Caring and Sharing for the Development of the Needy).


CSDN serves the critical and much-needed purpose in the field of human social development. We work with the poor and marginalized to provide access to quality education and livelihood-related skills to earn a living and live a life of dignity. It works tirelessly in backward and rural areas of India with the poorest people, mostly belonging to the backward classes, scheduled castes, scheduled tribes, and indigenous tribal communities. It addresses issues such as livelihoods, education, migration and health care that affect millions of people living in economically and socially devastating conditions.