The Jesuit Research and Development Society, founded on 22 March 2006, is a Jesuit initiative to assist, promote, channelize, undertake charitable, social and humanitarian work, irrespective of caste, community, religion and economic status, solely for philanthropic purposes.

The Legacy of the Jesuits

The Jesuits (Society of Jesus) are proud of their nearly 500 years of legacy in South Asia — catering to the various needs of the people. Over the years, the pioneering and relentless works of the Jesuits were directed towards higher education, school education and professional education and they are well known for these services. In addition, they have also been engaged in several other services — social and developmental services to the marginalized sections of society – dalits, tribals, migrants, unorganized labour and others below the poverty line — by working for justice, offering basic education and training in different technical skills, etc. Further, they have been working for peace and reconciliation, promotion of environmental and ecological protection, promotion of justice and human rights, etc. These transformative services of the Jesuits have been benefitting lakhs of people every year.

Supporting Jesuit Services

All these years, the Jesuits relied mostly on foreign funds but gradually such a support is dwindling and we need to rely on local sources of support for these varied services to the marginalised.

Hence, the need is felt to focus more on local funds to carry out different services. But since raising local funds for these several services is a herculean task, they seek the support and participation of their alumni/ae, and other people of good will in raising the required funds so that these lakhs of poor and needy  can be cared for, regardless of gender, caste or creed.


Supporting the Jesuits

Today there are almost 4,000 Jesuits working in South Asia. Of these, about 30% are above 70 years of age and these men, who have toiled for several years in the service of the people, are now advanced in age, and they require health care services.

Moreover, we need to prepare more and more young men to join the Jesuits so that, in the years ahead, they can continue the good works that are being carried out today. These young men have to undergo long years of studies and training before they are ready for these services.

Hence, the Jesuits seek the generous support of their alumni/ae and other interested individuals to take care of the elderly or sick Jesuits and also to meet the expenses of the studies and training of the young men who join the Jesuit Organization to serve our people.


“FRIENDS OF JESUITS” is a call for the support of the alumni/ae and all others of good will, who want to support the different services that are being rendered by the Jesuits to lakhs of people in South Asia. They seek your personal participation in this noble task, by joining the “FRIENDS OF JESUITS” Drive. Here is an opportunity for you to be a part of this transformative work and to extend your generous support to the Jesuits in their noble task.

Through “FRIENDS OF JESUITS” Drive you will become either a Supporter or a Promoter or a Partner of the Jesuits. Here is a unique opportunity for you to CARE for the needy THROUGH your generous SHARING, which will support one or more causes that are close to YOUR HEART.

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Note: All donations made to JRDS are eligible for 50% tax benefits under 80G of Income Tax of the Government of India.


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