Accompanying Youth

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We orient and motivate youth from poor and vulnerable communities to engage them in purposeful activities.

Our work focuses on helping youth to open up to the future with the hope of building a life of dignity in harmony with their own social and cultural milieu.

We endeavour to enable youth's resilience and self-reliance through life-skills education, skill-trainings, and psychosocial support for their holistic development.

Apart from promoting employable skills for youth, we also prepare life-skills modules and make them available for them.

Our Reach

● 20 States

● 79000+ youth

● 7 Youth Centres

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Youth Centres


Education logo of JRDS - development programs


Providing formal and non-formal support for poor children, including sponsorships, books, meals, innovation, and teacher training - Benefiting thousands of children in 20+ states through 1,200+ centres and 155 partners.

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    Skills Training

Empowering youth with employable skills – Several hundreds impacted in 18 states through 17 institutes, 42 courses, and 50 network partners, leading to improved livelihoods.

Ecology and Environment - JRDS - Development programs

Ecology & Environment

Promoting eco-conservation through tree plantation, waste management, and eco-consciousness - Impacting over 300,000 children in 23 states via 30,000+ eco programs and also thousands of farmers.

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 Peace & Reconciliation

Promoting peace, dialogue and reconciliation through 42 units and 66 partners, benefiting 50,000+ children and community members.

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   Migrants Welfare

Providing aid to migrants across India via a national helpline, offering legal, healthcare, and social support for their safety and well-being - Serving 5,000+ beneficiaries in 14 states through 20+ centres and 60 partners.

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   Refugee Services

Committed to work for the benefit 53,000+ refugees from Afghanistan, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, etc., in 13 locations.

Mining and minerals - JRDS - Development programs

   Mining & Minerals

Promoting responsible mining practices, environmental sustainability, workers’ rights, and equitable benefits for the mining communities - Impacting 60,000+ beneficiaries through three centres and 40 network partners.

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   Social Protection

Reducing poverty and supporting vulnerable groups, including women, girls, and widows, through healthcare and financial aid - Helping over 325,000 individuals in 15 states, with 155 network partners and 803 community projects.

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 Accompanying Youth

Guiding and mentoring youth for personal growth, leadership, and community engagement — Impacting 70,000+ youth in 20 states through 7 dedicated centres.

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