In addition to formal education, the Jesuits are working on various social and development programs to make life better for everyone. these programs cover important areas such as:

Education for the Poor: Providing formal and non-formal support for poor children, including sponsorships, books, meals, innovation, and teacher training- Benefiting thousands of children in 20+ states through 1200+ centers and 155 partners.
Skills Training: Empowering youth with employable skills – Several hundreds impacted in 18 states through 17 institutes, 42 courses, and 50 network partners, leading to improved livelihoods.
Environment: Promoting eco-conservation through tree plantation, waste management, and eco-consciousness- Impacting over 300,000 children in 23 states via 30,000+ eco programs and also thousands of farmers.
Migrants Welfare: Providing aid to migrants across India via a National helpline, offering legal, healthcare, and social support for their safety and well-being – Serving 5,000+ beneficiaries in 14 states through 20+ centers and 60 partners.
Refugee Services: Committed to do work for the benefit of 53,000+ refugees from Afghanistan, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, etc., in 13 locations.
Accompanying the Youth: Guiding and mentoring youth for personal growth, leadership, and community engagement- Impacting 70,000+ youth in 20 states through 7 dedicated centres.
Mining and Minerals: Promoting responsible mining practices, environmental sustainability, workers’ rights, and equitable benefits for the mining communities- Impacting 60,000+ beneficiaries through three centers and 40 network partners.
Social Protection: Reducing poverty and supporting vulnerable groups, including women, girls, and widows, through healthcare and financial aid- Helping over 325,000 individuals in 15 states, with 155 network partners and 803 community projects.
Peace & Reconciliation: Promoting peace, dialouge, and reconciliation through 42 units and 66 partners, benefiting 50,000+ children and community members.


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