Project ANKUR

Transforming Rural Education from Exclusion to Inclusion in Hazaribag

Project ANKUR

The Ankur Project (Non-formal school) by the Hazaribag Jesuits is changing lives through education in the villages of Hazaribag, India. This project focuses on helping Dalit children, a group that has faced historical challenges, by setting up special tuition centers in rural areas where educational resources are limited.

The centers are designed specifically for Dalit children, breaking down barriers that have kept them from learning. The project also works to bring back students who had to leave school by addressing not just academic issues but also the social and economic factors that led to students dropping out.

The project involves the local community by hiring local tutors from each village who understand the community’s needs and dynamics, making the education they provide more effective. These local tutors become not only teachers but also role models for the students, making the learning experience more meaningful.

The Ankur Project also creates job opportunities within the villages by hiring local tutors, supporting the economic growth of the area. The project is making education a powerful force in rural Hazaribag by focusing on Dalit children, giving a second chance to dropouts, and involving the local community. It is a reminder that education has the power to bring positive change, even in the most remote corners of India.